Your teeth are important – from chewing, talking and smiling – your teeth really matter. Missing teeth caused by gum disease, damage or a cavity can really affect these activities as well as your confidence. Missing teeth can also pose a risk to surrounding teeth, leading to future complications such as instability or shifting. Whether you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth it’s important to understand that you have options when it comes to restoring your smile. Dental implants provide security, convenience and added comfort that dentures and bridges lack. If you are considering dental implants here are some of the ways that your life will change.

1. Experience more confidence

It’s hard not to notice someone’s teeth when they’re talking, eating or smiling. It’s also hard to feel confident about yourself when you’re constantly trying to hide your teeth from being noticed. Missing teeth can not only affect your smile, but how you carry and feel about yourself too. You may not even realize how feeling insecure about your smile can affect other aspects of your life. When you’re trying to hide something so visible it can affect how you are when speaking or meeting people which can negatively impact your work and social life. Fixing missing teeth with dental implants can change how you feel about your smile and therefore yourself. You’ll be amazed how much your demeanor changes when you realize you no longer feel the need to hide your smile!

2. Improve mouth health

Missing a tooth or teeth affects a lot more in your mouth than just the gap it causes. It can lead to additional problems with the surrounding teeth. When there is a gap created by a missing tooth, the surrounding teeth will lose the stability and support that tooth provided. If you’re missing a tooth it’s also likely that you’re overusing other teeth. This overuse will cause the surrounding teeth to wear down faster and could result in additional tooth loss. Dental implants replace the missing support and reduce the risk of future complications. If you’ve been noticing any of these complications happening, then it might be time to seriously consider how dental implants can improve your mouth’s health.

3. Increase comfort

Missing teeth or using dentures can make eating and talking uncomfortable at times. Dentures can slip and move around and missing teeth can negatively alter your bite when it comes to eating. Dental implants solve these problems because they become a part of your mouth. They won’t move around in your mouth as your talking and eating, allowing you to go throughout your day comfortably. Dental implants will also help alleviate any headaches that have been caused by an abnormal bite.

4. Add convenience

Part of what makes dental implants more comfortable is also what makes them more convenient – they are a part of you! This removes any of the hassle of having to remove or clean dentures. Since dental implants don’t need to be removed, they also eliminate the need for messy adhesives. Dental implants will cause the thoughts you may be used to thinking surrounding your missing teeth disappear. You won’t have to consider your eating options or whether or not you’ll feel comfortable removing your dentures later.

5. Reduce worry

Worrying about your smile can really put a damper on your day. Dental implants remove the worry surrounding your teeth by removing the hassle and health effects that can occur to those dealing with this problem. You have enough on your plate without the added worries associated with tooth loss. Dental implants remove the stress and worry of future teeth complications and allow you to socialize and work without worrying about your smile.

Tooth loss can change your life. It can create insecurities and distract you during the most important moments in your life. Luckily, dental implants can also change your life. This fix provides a convenient, stable and aesthetically pleasing solution to improve the look and feel of your mouth. If you find yourself beginning to experience adverse health effects or loss of confidence due to tooth loss, then dental implants can dramatically improve your smile and life. Contact The Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, with medical offices in Rock Hill, Fort Mill and Lancaster, for a consultation to see if dental implants are right for you!

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